The VIP Loyalty Rewards Program is designed to reset the VIP Points after a 90 days cycle and never exceeds that.

Scenario 1:
If you reach the next VIP Level within your current 90 days cycle, you get to keep your VIP Points during those remaining days of that cycle to help you reach the next VIP Level before your VIP Points are reset to 0 and your new 90 days cycle begins. Once the remaining days expire, the system will re-evaluate your VIP Level based on your VIP Points, and your VIP Points will reset to 0, then your next 90 days cycle will begin.

Scenario 2:
If you reach the next VIP Level again during the same 90 days cycle, you will still have the remaining days of the same current 90 days cycle to enjoy your VIP Points until the remaining days expire and a new 90 days cycle begins for you.