Once the Wall of Eternity appears in the reel, it reveals the corresponding God for that specific reel. The Gods appear stacked and then turn into their corresponding high-value symbols. Each high-value symbol offers special rewards. You can find the details in the table below:

God Name

Appearing Reel

Special Symbol


Set (beast man - Anubis)

Reel 1


Randomly transform symbols in other reels to desert symbols to create a winning combination.

Isis (human lady)

Reel 2


Triggers Free Games. The number of Free Games is the same as the number of fields in the machine.

Ra (owl man)

Reel 3


After appearing in the reel, the Nile symbols turn into Wild. If there are Niles in other reels except for reel 3, they also turn into Wild during the Wall of Eternity feature.

Bastet (cat lady)

Reel 4


Every Market symbol appearing in the reel shows a win multiplier amount. At the end of the spin, the winning amount is multiplied by the total multiplier amount appearing in the machine. For example, if the total value of the multiplier is 530% and the winning from the current spin is 100, then the total winning = 100 x (1 + 5.3) = 630.

Example of Set:

Figure 1: God Set appears on the first reel

Figure 2: Big Win as the God Set has appeared