There's an exciting feature in the Wynn Slots application, which is Gifting. A player can send and receive gifts to the friends who play Wynn Slots & have their account connected to their Facebook account. Locate your friends to whom you wish to send gifts by clicking on the 'Gifts' tab inside the 'Inbox.' The 'Inbox' button is located on the right side of the 'Profile' button in the game lobby.

Figure 1: Inbox icon 

Click on the 'Messages' tab in the 'Inbox' to see the gifts you've received from friends. 

Figure 2: "Message" and "Gifts" tab inside Inbox

Please note that you can only send a gift to a friend once per 24 hours. You can send either 'Coins' or a 'Bronze' scratcher to your friend. Coin value of 100K-500K generates randomly. Tap on the 'Coin/Scratcher' icon at the right side of a Friend's profile inside the Gifts tab to send the gifts. 

Figure 3: Gift tab

In addition, an 'Inbox' can hold up to 20 gifts maximum. If the limit is reached, no new gifts will be added to the 'Inbox' until it's cleared/claimed.