There are four different game modes in the Diamond Stack Four game:

  1. Single window mode (Default)
  2. Double window mode
  3. Triple window mode
  4. All window mode

Single window mode (Default):

Single window mode is the default mode for the Diamond Stack Four game. The bottom left slot window spins during the single-window mode, and the other slot windows remain inactive. Only the Mini jackpot is available to win during the single bet mode.

Fig - Single window mode activated  

Double window mode:

When you activate the double window mode by clicking the 'Play' button at the bottom right slot, you place another bet equal to your initial bet amount. The bottom left and right slot windows spin during the double window mode, and the top windows remain inactive. Only the Mini and the Minor jackpots are available during the double window mode.

FigDual window mode activated 

Triple window mode:

You choose to place a bet triple to your initial bet amount by activating the triple window mode. Click the 'Play' button at the top left slot window to activate the triple window mode. You place the third bet by activating the Triple window mode, making your bet amount three times your initial bet amount. The bottom two and the top left slot window spin during the Triple window mode, and you get the chance to win three types of jackpots, Mini, Minor, and Major, during the Triple window mode.

FigTriple window mode activated  


All window mode:

To activate the all window mode and place a bet four times equal to your initial bet, tap the 'Play' button under the top right window. During the All window mode, all four slot windows spin, and you can win all types of Jackpots Mini, Minor, Major, Max, and Grand during the All windows mode.
You can toggle between the modes by tapping the PLAY/STOP button. You can't choose a custom slot window combination to play with, such as the bottom left and the top-right slot window or the top left slot window only.


FigAll window mode activated