There are three types of jackpots available: 

  1. 3*3 Jackpots

    Note: In a 3*3 jackpot, players will get Nine (9) red or yellow.

  2. 4*4 Jackpots

    Note: In a 4*4 jackpot, players will get Sixteen (16) red or yellow.

  3. 5*5 Jackpots

    Note: In a 5*5 jackpot, players will get Twenty-Five (25) red or yellow.

The following rules apply to the jackpot feature:

  • Each SEVEN can ONLY count for ONE jackpot.
  • If two jackpots configuration are overlapping, the larger jackpot is awarded.
  • Players can win more than one jackpot during a single spin.
  • Full-screen SEVEN is a special case, and when this occurs, the award will be 3x3 jackpots four times.