Respin is triggered by landing 6+ orb symbols during a single spin. Orb symbols can appear within the base & topper. The total is counted and evaluated accordingly. 

  • At the beginning of the feature, the player must pick 5 stops on the slot face (base & topper) for 2x rewards. Players cannot pick stops where there’s already an orb symbol.
  • Once a player picks 5 stops, the respin feature starts. Player gets 3 initial spins. All orb symbols stay in place and non-orb symbols spin. If, at any point, additional orb symbol lands, the spin count refreshes to 3.
  • The game is over when the spin count = 0 OR the player triggers 29 orbs (full screen)
  • If an orb lands on the stop which player picked at the beginning, the reward of that orb is doubled.
  • If all 5 picked stops are filled by orbs, the entire payout of the feature is doubled. This does not apply to jackpots.
  • If the base contains 20 orbs, trigger the Platinum jackpot.
  • If base + top contains 29 orbs, trigger MAX jackpot (additional to Platinum).
  • Nothing happens if the base contains 19 or fewer orbs and the topper contains 9 orbs.