Six or more Hard Hat symbols will trigger the respin feature and give six free spins. Once triggered, the core game feature starts with the initial six straw frames already built.

  • If the stop has no existing frame, a straw frame goes up.
  • If a straw frame is already present, a wood frame goes up & replaces the straw frame.
  • If a wood frame is already present, a brick frame goes up & replaces the wood frame.
  • If a brick frame is already present, a coin amount is added to the payout at the end of the current spin (this can happen multiple times on the same frame)

At the end of the feature, frames turn into corresponding houses:

  • Straw frames turn into straw houses
  • Wood frames turn into wood houses
  • Brick frames turn into brick houses

A wolf appears on the topper screen, huffing and blowing away houses in the following order:

  • 1st puff blows away straw houses, revealing prizes
  • 2nd puff blows away wood houses, revealing prizes
  • 3rd puff blows away brick houses, revealing prices